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Titanium, Nitinol, Zirconium Alloys Tubing/Wire/Rod/Sheet manufacturing services

We develop new projects for innovative applications.

=>Major consumptions are in medical, dental and electronics appliances.

Major Applications

1. Titanium tubing for biomedical engineering and medical devices

2. Nitinol Ni-Ti shape memory alloy tube for heart stent implantation, vascular and coronary stent, etc.

3. Titanium / Nitinol wire for electronics, devices and machineries as conductor, antenna, etc.

4. Aerospace, Energy industry, Oil shale drilling: hydraulic tubing

5. Industrial and commercial/household electric heaters

6. Tubing for high-end athletic equipments (Golf club, Bicycle rack, etc.)

7. Titanium and Nitinol in the form of wire/plate for medical devices or implants (dental, surgical, bone nail/screw/plate) fields.

Ti Capillary

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