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M & T(TAIWAN) Co., Ltd.台灣銘智股份有限公司

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The main business fields of M & T(Taiwan) Co., Ltd. are design for manufacturing (ODM, OEM) and global marketing for Titanium, Titanium alloys, Nitinol, and Zirconium Tubing / Wires / Rods / Sheets, Precision metals / hardware machining, and Non-Destructive Testing instruments for concrete walls, boards, piles, rebar and the latest applications.

The strength of M&T is knowing well of confidentiality and co-development which may satisfy customers to avoid wasting precious time and investments with wrong ones. M&T focused on exploring markets worldwide, managing cross-market supply chains, searching innovation on products, renovation on applications, and effective connections for business intelligence.
M&T is also proficiently and professionally on managing business across the markets of China, Japan, USA, Australia, Europe, and South-East Asia and the world. The head office of M&T locates in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. About manufacturing, researching and development, our facilities and business partners are in China and around the world.

ntimately knowledge-based collaborations help to create synergy on improving efficiency and carrying innovative projects out. Especially, customers and suppliers may keep abreast of business evolution to satisfy variable market preferences and demands in time. M&T is destined on offering excellent services to fulfill expectations of different customers. Potential business partners, customers and free agents requiring services are welcome to inquire us!


Operation Principles

The strategies of operation M&T promised are as following: “Explore the needs, Create the demand; Do no evil, Make it work”. M&T supplies excellent quality products with friendly pricing, outstanding quality and performance always speak for themselves. M&T is committed to evolvement by time and constantly providing the better services for different market needs. M&T can only be excellent first before pursuing the growth of business. The goal is to dedicate sincerely on achieving win-win and originating with values for each parties. The Globe, We Care!

Services: Titanium and Alloys,Precision hardware machining,Nitinol,Zirconium and Alloys,Non-destructive testing instruments,Ultrasonic Flaw Detector,Titanium parts,Parts manufacturing

Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery, Express
Payment:Cash, Wired Transfer, Payment on Delivery, T/T
Service Zone:HK & Macao, China, S-E Asia, Japan & Korea, North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, Nationwide

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