NonDestructive Testing

S201 Digital Rebound Hammers


S201 data analysis software

S201 manual

S201 Digital Rebound Hammers

Mainly used for nondestructive testing of concrete structural engineering and measured the compressive strength of ordinary concretes. All-in-one sensor’s service life is more than 30 million times with digital and pointer data displays. By USB port and flash drive, data reading, storage and battery charging are much easier.

S201 Specifications

Sensor’s Life(times)

More than 300,000 times use


214 subjects

Range of Rebound Value



95 grams

The tolerance between digital read and pointer   read




Working time

More than 8 hours (lights off

PSS200 Digital Rebound recorder doesn’t include rebound   hammer, but it fits into any market rebound hammer.

S201 Digital Rebound hammer is ready for use.

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