NonDestructive Testing

F130 Wireless Crack Width Detector (width range: 0~10mm)


F130 data analysis software

F130 Wireless Crack Width Detector 

*Designed from the quantitative measurement of the width of cracks located in bridges, tunnels, walls, concrete road surfaces, metal surfaces, etc. It can also restore the images of cracks. Two optional modes: Real-time auto identification, manual identification. Very accurate for micro-cracks. Optical electronic imaging technology brings the surface cracks of testing objects real-time displaying on Tablet PC. Microscope lens communicate with Tablet PC via wireless in the distance of 10 meters or more, exceptional for ladder climbing and higher ground occasions. Self-calibration function is available with standard scale plate. F130 can do online update and upgrade automatically. Engineering files and archives in segments help intuitively operate and review test data or delete project files. Crack images are restored by each testing object and each image is automatically numbered. Testing data can be sent to computer via mini USB port doing data analysis via software on Windows.
                                                                      F130 Specifications

Technical Data








Image Format


Power Supply

Built-in lithium battery,DC:+5V

Microscope lens Weight


Microscope lens Dimensions


Tablet PC Storage

Built-in 32GB

Tablet PC Display

7inch TFTtouch 1280×800

Operating System

Windows 8 and above

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