NonDestructive Testing

W310 Non-nuclear Asphalt Density Detector (Replace the traditional nuclear densometer method, No radioactive contamination)

The detector can quickly measure the density, temperature and also the relative moisture of the surface layer of asphalt pavement. Using electromagnetic method on measuring uniformity and relative density of asphalt pavement, and it will automatically calculates the average density, degree of compaction and porosity. It’s easy to find asphalt pavement unevenness, segregation and low-density areas by this measurement. This detector facilitates problems immediately to be solved before the completion of the road construction. Bilingual user interface with English and Chinese, others are on demand.

 W310 Specifications 

Detection Area

Range diameter 27cm, fine and coarse material can be measured

Operating Temperature

Ambient temperature of minus 7 to 43 , the surface temperature of 175 , the storage temperature of minus 18 to 66


Inches or mm ; lb/cu-ft or kg/cum



Power Supply


Sensor temperature range

0 350°C

Detection Depth

25mm 100mm

Results displayed

density, % degree of compaction, % k variable porosity and segregation


5.0 inches

Storage Space

Maximum 10,000 testing subjects

Working time

> 24hours

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