NonDestructive Testing

W210 Non-nuclear Soil Density Detector (Replace the traditional nuclear densometer method, No radioactive contamination)

*Non-nuclear soil density detector replaces the traditional nuclear densometer method, soil desiccation method, SAND-CONE method and other density measurements with similar precision. It mainly used to measure the physical properties of the compacted soil, including of density, moisture and compaction percentage. Applicable locations include: subgrade and foundation, embankment and fillers, underpasses and basements, backfilling and ditches, landfills and so on. No environmental problems or nuclear safety issues through acquiring, holding, storage, transport, and nuclear waste disposal. The operators of this detector need no special qualification or professional training. It’s simple, easy to use, the measurement process with results can be completed efficiently within 2~3 minutes. Soil may distribute unevenly but won’t affected measurement results. Construction measuring also has higher accuracy. User interface is capable of English and Chinese, others are on demand.

☆Time Domain. Reflectometry, TDR, a measuring method to soil moisture and density, the principle is stepped electromagnetic pulses emitted by the TDR pulse generator into the soil through four metal nails. As propagation times and voltage signals were collected, the calculation of soil’s conductivity and soil’s dielectric constant are available. Soil moisture and density are deriving from these two parameters, and the results are displayed on the screen of detector. It also can further increase the accuracy of measurement results with a temperature sensor we provided.


Calibration Plate
Temperature Probe

Probe for detection

                                                                             Rubber Hammer


W210 Specifications


Density Range

Standard compacted soil scope

Density tolerance

0~3% of standard test

Moisture Range

Standard compacted soil scope

Moisture tolerance

0~2% of standard test

Working Environment


-10 ~ 50(℃)


< 90%RH

Power Supply


Lithium Battery


110V or 220V AC/DC

Working timehrs

> 5




1.25(with Lithium Battery )


Meets IP65


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