NonDestructive Testing

U5600 Multichannel Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester

U5700  Multichannel Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester

U5 User's Manual

U5 analysis software

U5 analysis software manual

                                      U5600 (3 Channels; 3 Profiles) / U5700(4 Channels ; 6 Profiles)


* Multi-channel piles Integrity Tester, touch-screen operation, designed for cross-hole acoustic wave transmission method.  to detect pile integrity; structural concrete compressive strength, crack depth and defect detection; continuous wall integrity testing; geological prospecting, rock integrity , Weathering evaluation test; single hole double hair logging; rock, concrete and other non-metallic materials mechanical properties testing. U5600 can do three profiles in single lift test (U5700: 6 profiles / lift), the speed of lifting is more than 60 m / min (5 per meter). Any time on any channel gain and delay can be adjusted to ensure data’s accuracy and reliability.  Display multiple (6) test profile test information, the integrity of the whole pile at a glance. Automatically find the first wave and real-time measurement point automatic recording function, making the operation in tests are more simple, greatly increase the testing efficiency.


Industry's first wireless depth record wheel:

Between the mainframe and the depth record wheel, you can use the wireless connection, easy to operate, less to worry about the connection line. Depth recording wheel come with dust proof, water proof design, protection level is over IP65.



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