NonDestructive Testing

U610 Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors (optional probe is available)


U610 analysis software(67MB)

U610 manual


About various interior defects (crack, flaws, shrinkage, stoma, incomplete penetration, inclusions, and etc), ultrasonic flaw detector can do rapid inspection, convenient location, non-destructive evaluation and accurate diagnosis. And it also can inspect interior flaws and weld seams’ quality on various materials (alloys, steels, copper, aluminum, commented carbide, casting, organic glass and composite). Ultrasonic flaw detector is applied to many industries, including of boiler, pressure vessel, aerospace, electric power, petroleum, chemistry, offshore oil, pipeline, war industry, shipbuilding, automobile, machine manufacturing, metallurgy, metal processing industry, steel structure, railway traffic, nuclear energy and research institute.

U610 Specifications

Power Supply AC: 220V±10%, DC: +9V
Working time >5hrs
Total weight 1.25kg (include inside lithium-ion battery)
Total volume 210mm(length) x 149mm(width) x 60mm(thickness)
Display 5.7 inch, high brightness and true color liquid crystal display
Storage Micro SD (TF) card, standard configuration is more than or equivalent to 4GB
Operating system Windows CE
Operating mode Touch screen + button
Working mode Single, double and transmission
Measuring mode Pulse front inside gate, peak
Detection mode Positive half wave, negative half wave, full wave and RF wave
Transmitting voltage Highest(360V) or lowest(110V)
Transmitting frequency Manual, high automatic, medium automatic and low automatic
Gain range From 0dB to 110dB
Detection range 20000mm
Sound velocity of material From 200 to16000m/s. Continuously adjustable. Seven common material’s sound velocity values.
Waveform inhibition From 0 %to 80%
Filter 1M, 2M, 4M, 5M, 10M,13M and 15M broadband
Vertical linearity error Be less than or equivalent to 2.5%
Horizontal linearity error Be less than 0,03%
Surplus sensitivity More than dB(200Φ2 flat-bottomed hole)
Resolution 55dB
Dynamic range 54dB
Enclosure meets IP65



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