• Precision Metals and Hardware Machining

    Cutting and Stamping Parts, Parts for Electronics, Parts for Optoelectronics and Optics, Automobile Parts, Parts and tools for Medical and Biomedical Engineering machinery and mechanical appliances, Industrial (Nonstandard) Parts, Household appliance Parts, Automation and Robot parts (please Click photo for details)

  • Precision Metals and Hardware Machining Service

    Machining services on various kinds of material, hardness and grade: Steels, Common Alloys, Non-ferrous Metals (Brass, Pure Copper, Red copper, Copper alloy, Aluminum, Aluminum alloy, Gold, Silver, etc.), Stainless Steel (SUS 2, 3, 4 series) and Titanium Alloy. Materials come in the shape of ingot, tube, rod, pipe, wire, bar and so on. (please Click photo for details)

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