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Non-Destructive Testing Instruments

Soil and Asphalt Density Detector; Multi-channel Ultrasonic Pile Detectors; Foundation Pile Dynamic Detector; Crack Depth Detector; Digital Rebound Hammer; Ultrasonic Flaw Detector; Multi-functional Rebar Detector; Rebar Locator; Rebar Corrosion Detector; Floor Board Thickness Detector; Multi-functional Crack Detector; Crack Width Detector (please Click photo for details)

Non-Destructive Testing Instruments
for concrete walls, boards, piles, rebar and the latest applications
M&T Co. Ltd. is the authorized exclusive distributor of Beijing ZBL Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Product lines:
L2000, L3000  Wireless Prestressing Tension Controller
U610 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
U5100,U5200,U5300,U5600,U5700 Multi-channel Ultrasonic Pile Detectors
  P8000,P8100 Foundation Pile Dynamic Detector
R800 Multi-functional Rebar Detector(Rebar Locator + Rebar Corrosion Detector)
  R660,R630A Rebar Locator
C310A Rebar Corrosion Detector
S200,S201,S230, S260 Digital Rebound Hammer
T720, T730 Floor Board Thickness Detector
F101,F103, F130 Crack Width Detector
F610 Crack Depth Detector
F800 Multi-functional Crack Detector
     W220,W230  Non-nuclear       Soil and Asphalt   Density  Detector  
Wireless and Realtime Monitoring, Engineering Detection management system

M&T cooperated with the industry leader and also the national standards maker of China to introduce the professional
Non-Destructive Testing Instruments, designed by ZBL in Beijing, assembled in the capital of China. Modularity and ergonomically designed make instruments to be dual lingual (English and Chinese), light weight, reliable on usage, simple for testing, smart on analysis and powerful calculation. By using the methods of ultrasonic, dynamic, electron optics, electromagnetic, electric potential and compressive resistance measurements to detect the constructional subjects for further analysis. Each and every product is fully inspected, age tested and sorted before shipping. Reliability, waterproof, dirt (Enclosure: meets IP65) and shock resistances are symbolic to our products. Our NDT instruments are internationally adopted by customers from different areas: China, United States, Japan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Taiwan, Iran, South Korea and etc.

Customized project for specific requirement, multilingual user interface (MUI) / optional functions/parameters are available. Inquiry is very welcome!!!

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